Head to Toe Greek Summer Glamour

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Made in Greece

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Greece’s fashion designers are leading the way in glamorous and stylish creations that are ‘must haves’ for this season and there are a plethora of top rate Greek designs out there, all Made in Greece, often by hand either in design or production, with high quality materials to choose from. Here I have selected some of the best available, all of which can also be shopped online.

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My birthday is in September and I have posted a picture depicting a pair of 24K Gold Qupa earrings on my Timeline, suggesting that a fund be started up to help me deal with turning another year older by rewarding my spirit. I got a lot of those smiley faced likes but I was serious- I want them. There is nothing like the CROQUIS jewellery, created according to the architectural design of monuments, from ancient landmarks such as the Odeon of Herod Atticus, Angkor Wat or the Parthenon to modern ones such as the new Acropolis Museum or the Jewish Mseum in Berlin. The charismatic designers, architects Eleni Kouineli and Stefanos Papadatos, make sure that the hand-crafted precision of the designs, the materials used and the sizes offer anyone who wants to grace their skin with their necklaces, earrings or brooches, fail-safe satisfaction.

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I wear my sunglasses at night

Over 400 tests in Mediterranean sunlight and HD lenses that also protect the eyes from the blue light of computer and phone screens, thus preventing eye strain and fatigue, are just some of the pluses of Urban Owl. With a focus on “new retro” style but also a democratic collaboration with many new as well as established Greek designers that leads to the creation of several original styles, these glasses are a wise choice. And especially if you consider the price: regular versions cost 95 euros, while for 120 euros you can choose a design with HD lenses. Considering the practices in the globalised world of mass production, 38 of the 40 production stages are completed by hand, and all stages are done in Greece.

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It’s a wrap!

T.E. Pareo a brand created by friends (t) Tanya Dimitrakopoulou and designer (e) Eleni Prablanc are made out of either gauze or cotton sheeting materials, with a trimming reminiscent of Greek doilies. Eleni likes gauze because it is used traditionally in Greece for straining yogurt and cheese. The minimal, elegant and unique designs are boldly reflective of the varied visual textures and colours of the Greek landscape – the brown of the earth, green of leaves, the blues of the sea and sky (and doors and windows of the Cycladic islands). Words (the ‘Kalokairi’ pareo, featuring the word in repetition, is a best seller) or abstract geometric patterns related to Greek culture complete the originality of their designs.

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She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny….

The choice is (thankfully!) broad for excellent quality, luxury swimwear made by accomplished Greek designers, but as we’re looking at our top choices I will have to vote for Mitos  a brand created by Greek designer Ioanna Tserepa and Parisian marketer Audrey Zucker. Firstly, the mere variety of their designs, whether geometric or floral is gratifying, and secondly, their swimwear stands out from the ordinary stuff for its original materials, gorgeous mis-matched styles, and the bold and beautiful choice of colour blends. This year’s collections centre on Moroccan Mosaic, Fairies and Mediterranean Flowers.

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Greek – God Alert!

Aner is a chic swimsuit brand for the male of the species, named after the ancient Greek word for man. Its designers say that the swimwear’s aesthetic style and comfortable fit represent the qualities of what it meant to be a man in classical times – bravery, athletic brilliance, brawn, brains and an active lifestyle, but to suit the modern man. The soft, pliable, quick-drying materials used are both sea and body-friendly, decorated with minimal yet characteristic designs inspired by Greek mythology. Centaurs, the Minotaur and other mythological images are combined in colourful modern combinations for both father and son.

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Three words: Ancient Greek Sandals . They have style, they have grace, they are the perfect summer footwear for any place. Personally I can’t afford them but I am not too bitter to sing their praises: they rock. The new Lem Lem Collaboration with designer Liya Kebede has reaped results that are nothing if not awesome – (think silver ancient-style sandals with modern, bright red tassles), while their Resort Wear and Classic collections are so varied that regardless of your taste you’ll end up with happy feet. And if you don’t want to ruin your leather golds on the beach there’s the cheerful and colourful Rubber Collection to boot with favourite designs like Ikaria, the winged ankles that have become the brand’s trademark design).

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