Afghan terror suspect arrest in Athens

terror arrest

Greek police have charged an Afghani national on Monday following his arrest on the weekend for carrying explosive devices.

According to authorities the Afghani national was led before a public prosecutor on Sunday based on the case built up against him by the Greek counter-terrorism squad and charges were brought against him.

The suspect was arrested on Saturday by police following up a complaint by a restaurant owner, who accused him of refusing to pay a bill.

At the time of his arrest, he was found to be carrying a bag containing 78 detonators, two 190gr canisters of butane – of which one was attached to a gas stove – two pieces of slow-burning fuse, two lighters and cloth fibres.

Investigating officers believe that the foreign national was carrying these material in order to deliver them to others.

Meanwhile, the flow of illegal immigrants and refugees continues, with over 200 refugees arriving on the island of Lesvos in the last 24 hours.

The number of arrivals to the northern Aegean islands in January has reached a total of 1268, of which 732 have landed on Lesvos, 119 on Chios and 417 on Samos.

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