Mikis Theodorakis key speaker at Athens’ “Macedonia is Greece” rally

Mikis Theodorakis

Greece’s legendary music composer Mikis Theodorakis has declared his support for the “Macedonia is Greece” rally scheduled for this Sunday at Syntagma Square from 2pm, protesting the potential inclusion of the term ‘Macedonia’ in the naming solution with FYROM.

One of the organisers, Georgia Bitakou, spoke on SKAI TV on Monday, and confirmed Theodorakis would attend the rally and added he will be a key speaker.

92-year-old Theodorakis said he will do all he can to personally attend the rally in Greece’s capital city this Sunday, February 4, and will at the very least send a personal video message is he physically can’t attend.

“I would give my life for this people and for my country,” Theodorakis said.

Theodorakis also expressed his pride for the large rally last week in Thessaloniki, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered to protest.

Bitakou said they are expecting the number to be close to a million for the rally this Sunday in Athens, with Greeks from all around the nation making their way to Greece’s capital city this weekend.

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