German returns ancient Greek artifact inherited from his Grandfather

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A German man has returned an ancient Greek artefact, which had illegally been taken out of Greece decades ago.

The unique item is in mint condition and reportedly dates back to the classical times of Ancient Greece. It was handed over to the Greek Embassy in Berlin by a German man who says it was found during excavations for the construction of a shelter for the Wehrmacht Army in Thessaloniki during the occupation of Greece by Nazi Germany in World War II.

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According to a statement issued by Greece’s Ministry of Culture, the German said that the vase “was given to his grandfather as a gift for his contribution to interrupt the shelter construction works, after he discovered antiquities in the excavations ground.” His grandfather was serving in the German Navy, the Ministry said, adding that the vase was most probably found in the area of Anhialos.

The Greek Ministry also said the return of the vase is the most recent case of a series of repatriations of ancient cultural goods from Germany. The artifacts have been handed over to Greek authorities by German citizens whose deceased relatives were in possession of these items.

The artifact is now with the National Archaeological Museum.

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