Greek government approves 1.2 billion euro deal for US F-16 fighters



The Greek Government Council of Defence and Foreign Affairs (KYSEA) chaired by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, on Saturday approved the upgrading of F-16 aircrafts.

According to the Prime Minister's office announcement, "Following Defence Minister briefing that the US side has initially accepted the reviewed Greek proposal, after taking into account the country's fiscal engagements for the following years, the Council unanimously approved the upgrading of Greece's fleet of 85 F-16 fighter jets.

Reports claim a panel of senior Greek government and military officials approved the 1.2-billion-euro ($1.45 billion) deal to upgrade more than half of the country's American-made F-16 fighter planes.

Officials say this deal will give 85 of Greece's fleet of F-16s capabilities similar to the much more advanced F-35 fighters minus stealth technology.

GCT Team

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