Archdiocese of Australia and Britain confirm 'violent' Baptism Video is not Greek Orthodox


Violent baptism

The disturbing video, which has recently surfaced and made its way around social and mainstream media of a baby being 'violently' baptised and labelled a "Greek Orthodox Baptism", has been falsely reported.

Greek City Times reached out to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, who along with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira & Great Britain have confirmed the baptism was not performed by a Greek Orthodox Priest, nor did it take place in a Greek Orthodox Church, as many newspapers, television and radio stations worldwide claimed.

“The Greek Archdiocese of Australia would like to make it known that this is definitely not the Greek Orthodox practice. The ‘priest’ in question is not Greek Orthodox, nor is he a bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church as is alleged of the video.”

The statement sent to GCT also adds, "Such practices are not condoned in the Greek Orthodox Church; not only are they inappropriate but they are also nothing short of being physically abusive. Whilst the early Church practice by full immersion is carried out to this day in the Greek Orthodox Church, this is typically done by seating the infant in the baptismal font and gently pouring water over their head in much the same way that they might be bathed by their parents.”

The video has not only been shared millions of times on social media, major newspaper publications including The Sun, Mirror, Daily Mail as well as the Today Show, Channel 9 television and radio stations across Australia and Britain, reported this was "normal" practice for Greek Orthodox baptism services, while some claiming it took place in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

"We would like to make clear that this is not in a Greek Orthodox Church (as wrongly stated in the press) - in either the UK, Greece or Cyprus. The "priest " is also definitely not a Bishop or Archbishop, as reported. This is quite evident by style of dress. We also note the fact that they are also speaking a language other than Greek," said the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira & Great Britain.

The negative media reports towards Greek Orthodox baptisms, also followed with many offensive and insulting comments made towards Greek Orthodox baptism practices and traditions, which are false.

Greek City Times will be contacting these media outlets asking for them to correct the reports and ask our readers and followers to do the same.

Here is original article with video. Viewer discretion advised.

Viral Baptism video receiving huge backlash is not Greek Orthodox (VIDEO)


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