2oo metre souvlaki in Livadia breaks Guinness Book of records as longest ever meat skewer



Τhe town of Livadia in Viotia, Central Greece has entered the Guinness Book of Records with the longest souvlaki ever.

This area of Greece is well known for its great rotisseries and on Monday, May 28th, locals gathered in the centre of the town, where 30 volunteers lit the fire and placed the meat on the skewers, which was then cooked over charcoal.


Representatives from the Guinness World Records were in attendance and measured the souvlaki at 201 metres, before handing over the new record to Livadia.

Longest souvlaki

For the success of this event, there were 30 people who helped cook the meat, 150 kilos of charcoal and 300 kilos of meat, which was used to break the record.

The chairman from the Chamber of Commerce of Viotia said this was a huge event for Livadia, with global interest. “Now the small town of Livadia was heard worldwide, we broke the Guinness record and we are proud of it,” he said.

The previous record was held in China and was 194 metres long.

GCT Team

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