Experts reveal what the Parthenon looked like on the inside

Parthenon interior


Ancient ruins can take us back in time, providing historians, archaeologists and visitors alike with clues about the daily lives of the great civilizations that inhabited them. But there are still many mysteries and secrets to uncover.

A group of designers recently recreated the interiors of some of the world’s most fascinating ancient ruins to reveal what experts believed they used to look like – and what happened inside, including Greece's historical Parthenon, which is one of the world's most visited ancient sites.

Parthenon inside

The mysteries of what went on inside these ancient ruins have thrilled the imaginations of countless visitors yearning to travel back in time and here is what they said about Greece’s historical and fascinating Parthenon:

 Sitting atop the hill at the Acropolis, the Parthenon was built in the mid-5th century BC to house a monumental golden statue of Athena. We all know the outside of this iconic temple, but what went on inside? The gigantic statue was over 12 m high and made of carved ivory and gold – 1,140 kilos of gold, to be exact. A basin of water sat in front of Athena to provide humidity, which preserved the ivory. This obvious display of wealth and power sent a very clear message to the rest of the world. And for those lucky enough to see the Parthenon from the inside in its heyday, the statue must have been nothing less than awe-inspiring.”

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