Taking a stroll through Molyvos, home to the world’s most beautiful street



Molyvos is famous for being home to the world’s most beautiful street.

The gorgeous village on the island of Lesvos looks like a delightful drawing and has kept its traditional character throughout the years.

In 1965 it was declared a protected site by Greek authorities and it's unique architecture, featuring homes made of stone and wood, which  still remain the same in this rustic and picturesque village. The town is built amphitheatrically with a castle on top and traditional houses wrapping around the coastal road and the scenic harbour.


The best way to discover its treasures is by foot so make sure you wear your comfiest shoes and have your camera ready, as there are so many gorgeous photos to take as you stroll through the small cobbled streets along the village.


The main road is covered by a beautiful flower called wisteria and when it’s in full bloom, it is covered with purple flowers.


The main roads of the village are filled with shops and here you will be able to purchase locally made ceramics, jewellery, olive oil, honey, herbs and of course Ouzo, which is a Mytelinian specialty.

Apart from the traditional houses and villas with the beautiful yards and balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea, there are also some incredible Byzantine churches in Molyvos- Agios Panteleimon and Taxiarchis are both a must see on any visit here.


Now back to this famous street.

It starts right at the top of the village with a sign that says “Mythimna Market” and goes all the way up to the medieval castle. Your uphill walk will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the entire valley of Molyvos on one side and the coastal scenery on the other.

You must go all the way to the top!


Along the way you will admire the inviting stores, taverns, cafes, bakeries, cake shops museums, galleries and boutiques on both sides of the street and don't worry, even if it's in summer, the cobbled street is as you see it, covered with this incredible Wisteria vine, which makes walking by day not too bad as there is a bit of shade and lots of prettiness to admire!

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