Greek Pastry Chef opens first Cheese Cake shop in Amsterdam

Spyros Mariatos

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Ten years ago, pastry chef Spyros Mariatos went to Amsterdam to visit his friends. His plan was to stay there for six months and then return home to Greece. However, things didn’t go according to plan and last May, he became the first person to open up a cheese cake shop in Amsterdam, which has become an absolute hit with locals and tourists who say that Spyros hands down makes the best cheese cakes in Amsterdam!

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Cheesy Cakes is a bright and delicious corner store located in a commercial neighbourhood in the centre of Amsterdam.

All cakes are prepared daily by Spyros, who uses fresh and high-quality ingredients, and his delightful menu features Double Chocolate Cheese Cake, Quince and Apple Baked Cheese Cake and a Nectarine and Pistachio, Honey Drizzled Cheese Cake.

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The quaint little store is designed for customers to feel at home and you can sit and enjoy a piece of cake as you sip on a cup of organic tea with handmade blends, or a coffee that is made to compliment the cheese cakes. You will also have a chance to chat to Spyros, who is a one man band and does everything on his own.

"From cleaning to making coffee, I do everything. That's why I chose a small shop with limited variety," he says.


“My philosophy for Cheesy Cakes is that freshness, high-quality ingredients and attention to detail in cake preparation make all the difference in the world. This is why all of my cakes, the famous cheese cakes in particular, are freshly prepared every day by me and exactly according to my recipes and standards,” adds Spyros.

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Cheesy Cakes always offers a selection of 5 basic flavours, including a sugar-free and gluten-free Chocolate & Dates cake, the Classic New York with a twist, the Double Chocolate with 70% of deep dark chocolate, the Caramel & Espresso with a crispy espresso biscuit base and a toffee caramel layer and a Fruit cake completed with a layer of seasonal fruit.

If you are in Amsterdam, be sure to pop in and try one of Spyros' delicious creations and chances are you will also have the opportunity to catch this talented chef in action!

A: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 73, 1016 WD Amsterdam, Netherlands

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