Mass Shooting in Toronto's Greektown neighbourhood

Screen Shot 2018 07 23 at 3.09.10 PM

Screen Shot 2018 07 23 at 3.09.10 PM

At least fourteen people, including one child, have been shot in a mass shooting across several blocks in Toronto's Greektown neighbourhood, Canada.

Police and emergency services arrived at the scene of the shooting on Danforth Avenue, a popular area of the city full of restaurants and stores, after reports of up to 25 shots had been fired, and the sound of a weapon being reloaded repeatedly.

Toronto’s Police Chief has confirmed that the gunman is dead, and there are other fatalities.

Eye witness, Jim Melis who was driving southbound towards Danforth Avenue, described a white man wearing a black cap and a bandana, walked by a cafe, pulled out a gun and began shooting through the window.

Another witness, Jody Steinhauer said she was eating at a restaurant on Danforth Avenue with her family when she heard what sounded like 10 to 15 firecracker blasts. Customers were then advised to run to the back of the restaurant.

Police spokesman Mark Pugash said it is too early to comment on the motives behind the attack, and whether the shooting was related to terrorism.

The Premier of the Ontario province has condemned the “horrific” shooting, stating on twitter that his "heart goes out to the victims and loved ones of the horrific act of gun violence in Toronto. Thank you to all the first responders for acting quickly to help everyone affected.”

Witnesses are being taken from the scene by bus to be interviewed at nearby police stations.

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