Thessaloniki court rules a family must pay 300 euros to neighbours when kids make noise 


kids noise

An incredible court ruling has been made in Thessaloniki, which is causing a major stir nationwide after a judge has ruled that a family of four will need to pay the sum of 300 euros to their neighbors, every time their children make noise.

And as if this isn’t bad enough,  ANT1 has revealed, whenever the children "annoy"  the neighbours the father will be held in prison for 30 days!


The unprecedented decision concerns a family of four whose issues began last September when a  middle-aged couple living on the lower floor of their apartment filed a lawsuit against them on the grounds that their children were making too much noise.

The four children are aged 5 to 12 and live with their parents in a privately-owned apartment block in Faliro.

The father has appealed the decision and is expected to go to court again next January.