Australian Instagram model called her mum crying before her death


Sinead McNamara

Parents of 20-year-old Australian Instagram model Sinead McNamara have spoken for the first time, saying Sinead rang her mother in tears about an “incident with a crew member” the night of her death and are also demanding more answers from Greek authorities.

The Instagrammer was found unconscious on the back of a billionaire's superyacht and had called her family in tears just before she died, it was revealed.

According to reports, Sinead rang her mum Kylie to tell her about an incident with another crew member on board the $190million Mayan Queen IV, which was docked in Argostoli, Kefalonia.

Sinead McNamara

She also spoke to her brother Jake during her last distressful phone call in the early hours of last Friday, the family's lawyer Charalampos Triantafyllopoulos has revealed to media.

While there have been conflicting reports about the circumstances around the 20-year-old’s death, the head Coroner in charge of the investigation into her death said there is no evidence of foul play and it is being treated as a suicide.

Reports surfacing also claim the model was struggling with a bad breakup, as officers review photographs and messages on her phone to piece together her final hours.

Prior to that, the family claim Sinead was content and loved working on board the six-storey yacht, which is owned by Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères.

Her mother and sister, Lauren Carr, were on route to Kefalonia from their home in Australia when she died. They had been due to meet her the following day and are believed to have been informed of the news while in transit.

Sinead McNamara

The family is now demanding answers as to why there was an apparent delay in airlifting her to a hospital in Athens. A doctor on board the yacht is understood to have tried to resuscitate Sinead before paramedics arrived.

“For these reasons, the family finds it crucial to thoroughly investigate both the conditions of death and the events and incidents that preceded this event in order to reveal the full truth and learn what actually happened and led their 20-year-old daughter to death.”

She was there for several hours, Mr. Triantafyllopoulos told Greek media, until a helicopter could transfer her to a private clinic in Athens.

"Expressing their trust in the Greek authorities, they hope that the critical issues above will be thoroughly explored and that they will receive appropriate answers for the sudden and unexpected death of their daughter," added Mr. Triantafyllopoulos.

According to reports, Sinead had visited a bar in Argostoli on Wednesday night and drank two vodka-based cocktails and was also seen dancing on a chair.

Bar manager Makais Chaliodis said, “I saw the news and recognised her picture. She had came to the bar with five of her friends, they were having a good time.”

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