“Hera” a one-act opera with music by Theo Abazis and a libretto by Elsa Andrianou will be performed in the archaeological site on the island of Delos on October 6-7, bringing its ancient theatre to life for only the second time in 2,100 years.

The story of the opera actually unfolds within the sanctuary of Delos itself and addresses the fear of mortality and the tedium of immortality. The play follows the fortunes of a sick man that arrives on the island and tries to negotiate his survival with the immortal goddesses Hera and Aphrodite, coming to grips with his own mortality as his life comes to a close.

There will only be two performances, which will begin at 5pm with free entrance but there will be limited seating, minimal scenery and props, and no microphones or amplifiers. The performance is held under the aegis of the culture ministry, the Mykonos municipality and Southern Aegean Region, in collaboration with the Cyclades Antiquities Ephorate. Ships to Delos for the performance will be departing from the old Mykonos harbour at 4pm.