Why Greece is the best place in the world to travel with kids

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Greece has just been named best Family Holiday Destination for 2018 by leading British publication Travel Bulletin and we aren't the least bit surprised, as we agree, Greece is the ideal place in the world to travel with children of all ages.

Family-oriented Greeks make children feel welcome and safe everywhere you go, whether you are exploring islands, visiting archaeological sites, enjoying the fantastic beaches, or just eating the delicious but reasonably priced taverna meals, Greece is the perfect spot to introduce your kids to a carefree, joyful and relaxed lifestyle that both parents and young ones will love.

Although the list is endless, here are our top 4 reasons as to why we believe Greece is the best place to travel with your kids-

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Kids love Greek food

The great thing with Greece is any place you go, whether it’s a city, village or island, there is always a local tavern serving fresh food that is ideal for kids, as the variety is both healthy  and delicious. From fresh salads, vegetables, meat and tiganites patates (homemade chips) to Gemista, Moussaka and Pastitso, there is a huge variety to cater to all tastes- even for the fussiest of little eaters. In a traditional Greek tavern, there is no such thing as a kids menu as everything is made to suit all the family.

Kids love Greek summer life

What is there not to love? Greek beaches are perfect for kids as the water is clear, calm and shallow, making it the perfect combination for parents to feel safe allowing their kids to enjoy beach life every single day. And what is even better is most Greek beaches have all you need close by, so even if you forget to pack some sunscreen, water, or some water toys, you can pick some up from the local Periptero or shop close by.

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Kids love Greek nightlife

Over summer in Greece, whether you are on the islands, in villages or in a town, when the sun goes down (which is after 9pm) kids are still riding their bikes, playing basketball at the school court, kicking a soccer ball around, dancing at the local Panigiri and simply enjoying Greek lifestyle at its best. Here, you can forget about curfews and routines and you can really enjoy yourself without feeling guilty the kids aren't asleep early!

Greeks love kids

The most wonderful thing about travelling with children in Greece is you will notice how much Greeks love children of all ages. From babies through to teenagers, when you have children with you in Greece, it is your passport to excellent service, warmth, and affection from everyone you meet. Greek people love children and treat all kids as their own. You will be pushed to the front of the queue in any situation, whether it be at the airport, shops or café, you won’t need to wait for long.

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