Miracle candle stands up on its own during Liturgy for Panagia

miracle candle

miracle candle

Local parishioners at Panagia Faneromeni Church in Nea Koutali, on Lemnos island say they witnessed an absolute miracle as a tall candle fell and did not break, instead it stood back up on its own during the Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos on September 8, celebrating the birth of Panagia.

The event which took place last week has also been hailed as a miracle by vimaorthodoxias.gr and parishioner Sofia Mos who took photos of the candle and posted it on her Facebook Account saying:

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"Today, September 8, at the church of Panagia Faneromeni during the divine celebration of the birth of Our Lady, the following happened. A burning candle which was lit and burning fell making a loud sound and then stood up still lit, until the end of the service. In fact, its base had been thinned out to fit the candelabra, and that made it even more difficult to balance but it did. What are the chances of a candle balancing after falling from up high and staying in the exact same position until the end of the service? Obviously, it is a miraculous event, a pure miracle as described by the faithful who witnessed this.”