53-year-old receives 42 years in jail for a horrific rape case in Athens

Rapist in Dafni

Rapist in Dafni

A 53-year-old man has received 42 years imprisonment after being found guilty of raping and torturing a 23-year-old woman for 24 hours in Daphni, a suburb in Athens.

Three judges condemned the man for his horrific act, which took place in May 2017, in the rapist’s basement.

He was found guilty of rape, possession of child pornography, and grievous bodily harm, which was described by the prosecution as “perverted and satanic.”

“He should not have drugged her, tied her down and gagged her, which is how the police found her,” the prosecutor said in a loud voice. Addressing the judges, the prosecutor urged them to take into account that the student was still suffering physically and mentally, and needed some justice in order to move on with her life.

According to reports, the student had seen an advertisement in a paper that the 53-year-old had placed, seeking assistance at his home, saying that he was disabled.

The 23-year-old student had been to the house three previous times, helping with domestic work around his home, before entering the house a fourth time and being told by the man to go downstairs to the basement so he could pay her 25 euros for her work. That is when he drugged and beat her before sexually assaulting the woman and strapping her down for 24 hours before police found her in a terrible state.