Maria Menounos ready for her traditional Greek wedding in Arcadia this weekend (VIDEO)

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416418724 4793597758001 ScoopThumbMariaMenounos

Popular Greek American television host Maria Menounos has landed in Greece and will be celebrating her traditional Greek wedding, which will be taking place at her father’s village in Arcadia in the Peloponnese this weekend.

Menounos will be marrying her husband, Keven Undergaro, for the second time, as the long-time couple had a civil ceremony at New York's Times Square and this weekend they will wed in a Greek Orthodox church, followed by a huge celebration with their family and friends in Greece.

“It’s gonna be a wild journey,” Menounos told Us Weekly exclusively of the couple’s ceremony in Greece. “Trying to plan something internationally when your dad’s running the show is a reality show.”

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*Maria and Kevin's New York Winter Wedding

Maria had been hush-hush about all the details, however, she has now taken to Instagram sharing videos of her travels from the US to Greece and let her fans know her plane was delayed, laughing at the fact she may miss her own big day!


The 40-year-old TV host also joked that her dad is a “bridezilla,” saying “My dad is crazy, he’ll call me in the morning and be like, ‘Maria, your mother’s cousin is gonna bring a horse to take you to the church.’ And I go, ‘Dad, I’m not getting on a horse in my wedding gown.’”

“So I just have decided I’m gonna drink heavily to get through. By the time I land, I’m gonna be nip queen.”

"We’re doing a second ceremony, and then we’re going to go on a honeymoon,” she added, “I don’t think we can keep it a secret anymore!”

Meanwhile, Undergaro, 50, said he was freaking out at the Orthodox ceremony’s one-hour length, joking that he needed to audition stand-ins to take his place during the service.

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*Kevin's baptism ceremony in 2013

Kevin was baptised Greek Orthodox in 2013 and Maria says she is grateful Kevin has embraced her Greek culture.

Menounos also revealed to Us Weekly she hopes to take have a baby once the wedding is over. “I was gonna try to get it done before or at least start the process, but then I realized that was taking on too much, so I was like, ‘No, I’m not gonna do that,’” she explained.

Menounos has been open about her infertility struggles and journey to motherhood,  revealing she will now try surrogacy in the hope of becoming a first-time mum.