Bloody clash between Greeks and Albanians in Athens

asthenoforo kriti stefanos repanis

asthenoforo kriti stefanos repanis

Athens police authorities announced that violent clash between armed groups of both Greek and Albanian nationals in the Athens suburb of Gerakas, started as a settling of scores between two Albanians over financial differences.

According to police the violent clash involved the use of guns and knives and took place just before 02:00 on Monday, leaving three Greeks and three Albanians injured, including two men with gunshot wounds.

The six have been taken to hospital, with an Albanian stabbed in the chest considered to be in the most serious condition. Also seriously injured is a Greek national shot in the neck, while one Albanian has been shot in the leg and the remainder have sustained mainly cuts and bruises.

At the scene of the crime, police found a 9mm gun which was sent to the forensics laboratory.

Police also clarified that the incident in Gerakas has nothing to do with the incident at Bularat in South Albania, where a 35-year-old Greek national was killed on Sunday in a shoot-out with Albanian police officers.

According to their findings, the incident started as a financial dispute between two Albanians, when one tried to collect a debt owed by the other. Other people, including Greeks, became involved on both sides when they came to blows and the dispute escalated. All six men in hospital have been arrested and an investigation to locate and arrest the others involved is continuing.