Greece’s Culture Ministry has announced that another four ancient statues have been unearthed after a Greek farmer’s recent discovery of a fragment of an ancient statue while tiling his field.

Archaeologists have been busy since October, digging part of a field near the central Greek town of Atalanti, 150 kilometers (94 miles) northwest of Athens. The dig began after the farmer found the torso of an ancient kouros (young man) and immediately alerted the authorities.

According to the Ministry, the larger of the four is 1.22 meters in height and survives from the head to the thighs. It depicts a standing, bearded young man with his left leg extended.

The Ministry said Saturday that a total of four large fragments of life-size limestone statues of young men have been found, along with a triangular statue base and all include torsos, with the largest fragment including a head.

Seven graves with several unspecified findings have also been unearthed, likely part of a larger cemetery.