Over the weekend many parts of Greece received its first snow of the season, painting the mountainous regions of the country in beautiful white!

The heavy snowfall in the mountains of Pieria resulted in the snow covering almost everything and the landscape in Katerini was stunning with images showing sheep, goats and cattle crossing snowy roads.

First snowfall fell in several regions of the country including Trikala, Ioannina, Pelion, Ptolemaida, Ignatia, Livadi Ellasonas, Larissa, Kissavou, Fokida and Piliou.

The weekend saw temperatures dropping dramatically, while most of the country also experiences heavy rain and strong winds.

The first snow also fell in Pelion, with the mountain of the Kentavron in the upper parts of the island being dressed in white. In Hania tou Piliou, the height of the snow reached 10 centimeters and the temperature fell to -3 degrees.