Father who killed his daughter in Fokida, released from jail after 16 years


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It has been 16.5 years since the horrific murder of 13-year-old Vasso, which shocked the local community of Pelasgias in Fokida and the entire Greece, as her father Christos Voulgarakis was found guilty of stabbing her to death and today he walks free from jail and will reside at a Monastery in Trikorfo.

The 54-year-old was released after showing good conduct and serving 3,344 days in prison.

The body of the 13-year-old was found on April 27, 2002, when the young girl had literally been slaughtered by her father who used an 18 cm kitchen knife to stab her 17 times, leaving the young girl to die before a neighbour found her.

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Voulgarakis disappeared after the murder although he was the number one suspect.

Vasso was staying with her father as her parents had separated and after an earthquake at her mother’s home, she went to stay with her dad until their family home was renovated.

Although no one knows exactly why he committed such a horrific act, the girl's mother, Athanasia Velessiotis says Voulgarakis killed their daughter out of revenge and wanted to hurt the mother for leaving him.

Five days after the murder, Vloulgarakis was found at the Monastery of Trikorfos, Fokida, where he was arrested. Voulgarakis denied being involved in the murder, saying his daughter was killed by a gang.

In 2002, the Joint Chartered Court of Karpenissi found him guilty and sentenced him to 21 years jail, where since 2009 he has also spent time at a psychiatric ward at Kordyallos Psychiatric Hospital.

On November 7, 2018, Christos Voulgarakis was released from jail and he will now reside at the Holy Monastery of Saints Avgustin Hippone and Serafim of Sarov in Trikorfo.

He is also required to be present the first 10 days of each month to the local Police Department and he is banned from leaving the country.

*Source: Lamia Report

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