Cyprus submits formal accusation to UN over Turkish violations

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The Deputy Permanent Representative of Cyprus, Polly Ioannou, submitted a letter of complaint to UN Secretary General which was released on Thursday as an official document of the General Assembly and the UN Security Council, accusing Turkey of territorial violations by air and sea, which took place in August.

Attached to the letter were two documents, including a detailed list of violations of the national airspace of Cyprus, international air traffic regulations in the Nicosia flight Information area (FIR) and incidents of Illegal use of closed ports and airports by Turkey.

"This systematic policy of breaching of international law and international rules and regulations is a constant threat to international peace and security, adversely affects regional stability, endangers the security of international Civil aviation, creates difficulties in the movement of aircraft over Cyprus and prevents the creation of a favourable environment in which the Cyprus peace process will take place, " Mrs. Ioannou said in her letter.

Mrs Ioannou in her letter stressed that the actions of the occupying Turkish forces are clearly aimed at undermining the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus by reinforcing the continued de facto division and the upgrading of the status of the separatist entity and  claiming an alleged airspace above the occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

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