‘Christmas Miracle’ saves Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago from closing

ct met orthodox church saved 20181214
ct met orthodox church saved 20181214
*Image by E. Jason Wambsgans/ Chicago Tribune

A Greek Orthodox church in Chicago, that was preparing to close its doors and have its property sold at auction on Friday, was saved by a group of anonymous “guardian angels” who donated $2 million to help the historic parish.

The anonymous donations came forward at the last minute with a proposal to buy the property of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, from the bank that owns the church’s debts, said Stanley Andreakis, president of the church’s council.

Andreakis said the donors prefer to remain anonymous until more details are worked out in court.

holy trinity greek orthodox church

"A lot of people thought that this was it and it was hard to see," Holy Trinity Priest Father Nicholas Jonas told media.

Thursday night, the church held what they thought would be its final service until the donation was made to purchase the property from the bank on behalf of the church.

Andreakis said the donation will allow the church to re-file for bankruptcy and prevent the building from being torn down by an investment bank firm.

"We feel like kids. You wake up at Christmas and you have a present," Andreakis said. "You are like, I get to keep my church."

"Last night, we were all here praying, we were praying for a Christmas miracle, and it came through," said Andreakis. "We had some individuals approach us and they were able to come up with a proposal that our lawyer put together and our lawyer, at the last minute, at the 11th hour, put together a bankruptcy plan so we can restructure because of these guardian angels. Call it a Christmas miracle."

*Source: Chicago Tribune