Agios Stefanos in Syros named one of the most impressive chapels in the world


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Agios Stefanos located on Syros island is tiny in size but with its very impressive view and being built in a cave, it’s considered amongst the 20 best chapels in the world.

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Agios Stefanos is in the settlement of Galissa, in the southwest of Syros and is a small Catholic chapel built literally in a cave just above the sea.

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This stunning white chapel in the rocky landscape of the area is known for its unique and simple beauty.

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According to tradition, the church of Agios Stefanos was built by a fisherman from Galissa.


It is said that the fisherman was threatened by a huge octopus pulling him towards the sea and he made a vow to Agios Stefanos to save him and so he built the chapel in this secluded point in his honor.

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The chapel of Agios Stefanos in Galissa celebrates twice a year, on the 19thof August and on the 26thof December.

You can arrive here by foot and it is about 15 minutes from the main beach in the town, otherwise, you can also arrive by boat.

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