Protests outside Parliament as Greek government votes on ratification of Prespes Agreement


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Demonstrators took to the streets around Syntagma Square overnight to protest against the Prespes Agreement, as heated debates on the ratification of the deal were taking place inside Parliament.

Police used teargas to disperse crowds gathered outside Parliament, with thousands of people chanting “Prodotes” (traitors).

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The vote will be held at 2:30pm on Friday, following a Conference of the Presidents of the Hellenic Parliament.

The plenary interrupted its session at 1:30 am on Friday morning and debate will resume at 9 am on Friday.

Explaining the reasons for the decision to reporters, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis said that only half the MPs that have put their names down to speak had addressed the house by Thursday evening, which meant that roughly half would have to be dropped in order for the vote to be held at the end of Thursday's session.

Given the promise that there would be ample time for all MPs to express their views, he added, there would be no point in continuing the parliamentary session through the night so that the voting might be held early in the morning since there was no pressing deadline for its completion.

According to Voutsis, the number of speakers, including the party leaders, will be approximately 230 in total.

*Main source: AMNA

*Images: Protothema