Greece’s new tourism campaign highlights Greek Filoxenia (VIDEO)

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 “Oh My Greece | Unlock the Feeling”, the country’s new tourism promotional campaign which will be shown to the rest of the world highlights Greece’s wide diversity, nature, culture, gastronomy, lifestyle and most of all the unsurpassable Filoxenia (hospitality).

Marketing Greece launched the campaign on Wednesday with its new video, presented to a packed audience at the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens by the company’s CEO, Ioanna Dretta.


The two-minute video features a series of images of Greece and focuses on the hospitality of the locals who invite foreign travelers to the country to experience a Greek holiday, one that will have them saying, “Oh My Greece”.

And while “sun and sea”, Greece’s main features, are seen throughout the video, the campaign’s main aim is to highlight that Greece has even more to offer as it promotes the uniqueness and the travel experience that can be lived by visitors.

“We want to enrich the visitor’s experience with even more details. There is always more Greece to see… A Greece that promises original, unique, authentic travel experiences,” Dretta said while presenting the campaign.

Marketing Greece’s CEO underlined that the Greek tourism product may be a combination of nature, culture, gastronomy, habits and lifestyle, but it is also offers something more direct: the hospitality of the Greeks.

“We really need to understand how much we can offer through our hospitality and how much we are loved for it… Hospitality for our guests is not only perfect accommodation conditions… It is also the friendliness and smile of the locals, she said.

The “Oh My Greece | Unlock the Feeling” campaign will run under Greece’s official tourism logo, following permission granted by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

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*Source: GTPHeadlines