Survey by expats claims Greece is the “worst place for women to work”



According to an annual survey conducted by Expat Insider, Greece has been named the "worst place for women to work." The report says Greece is the worst place due to the number of female expats who were unhappy with their career prospects.

The country was given the worst possible rating of 37 percent and 81 percent of female respondents also reported negative feelings regarding the state of the Greek economy.

The survey covered a number of topics affecting people who live abroad, including work life, and based its ranking of the best and worst countries for women to work. More than 8,000 female expats took part in this study.

Italy followed closely behind, with 34 percent of female expats in the country dissatisfied with their jobs and an additional 50 percent reporting that they were unhappy with their work-life balance.

“More than half of the women in Greece and Italy rate their career prospects negatively," says Kathrin Chudoba, head of the content and communications department at InterNations, the world’s largest expat community.

Serbia, Argentina, Turkey, and Myanmar were also included in the list due to women’s dissatisfaction over working hours, salary and the job opportunities on offer.

Topping the list of best places for women to work abroad is Czech Republic, followed by Bahrain, Taiwan, Norway, and Denmark.

*Source: Expat Insider 


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