33 people detained by police for placing large Christian Cross on Lesvos island


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A total of 33 people have been detained by Greek police after they placed a large Holy Cross at Apelli, very close to the port of Mytilene. The men were arrested after raising the large metallic Holy Cross, which was reported to have been built and transported by crane from Chios island.

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The group who also carried a large Greek flag with them, were taken into custody, as according to police the act was illegal.

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A group of locals from the island named “Movement of Free Citizens of Lesvos” have recently criticised the local SYRIZA party for the government's objection to raising the cross, saying “their goal is to destroy every element of our Greek Orthodox values and culture.”

This has been an ongoing issue since October of last year after another Holy Cross was pulled down at the same spot after a coexistence group claimed the Holy Cross was offensive to migrants.

A letter by the NGO was sent to the Harbour Minister of Lesvos and the Mayor of Lesvos at the time, claiming the Cross was placed there to prevent migrants from swimming.

Cross in Lesvos pulled down after coexistence group on the island claims it’s offensive to migrants