'North Macedonia' to be added to Greek school textbooks


Greek school textbooks will be changed to include the term 'North Macedonia' as part of the new school curricula that was signed under the Prespes Agreement.

"The Greek school textbooks will incorporate the new name ‘North Macedonia’ for our neighboring country," Deputy Foreign Minister Markos Bolaris wrote in response to a question posed by New Democracy MP Giorgos Koumoutsakos.

According to reports, progress is currently underway to change the school curricula and textbooks in both countries to include the new provisions under the Prespa agreement.

A joint communiqué was drawn up following the second meeting of the Joint Interdisciplinary Committee of Experts on Historical, Archaeological and Educational Issues, set up under the Prespes Agreement, and the delegations of Athens and Skopje announced they "have drawn up an intensive program to achieve mutually acceptable solutions based on the relevant principles and the objectives of UNESCO and the Council of Europe."

"The second meeting has confirmed the firm commitment of both countries to promote the spirit of the European values of solidarity, trust, and mutual co-operation", the joint communiqué concludes.

The next Commission meeting will take place in Athens on 12-13 April.