Twenty-three-year-old Despina Karpathiou is a third generation Greek Australian, who is currently in the running to become the cover girl for Maxim magazine, an international publication. 

Maxim magazine, Despina notes always features highly influential and successful women such as Angelina Jolie and Candice Swanepoel. “To be on the cover of this magazine would literally change my life and help me to be when one step closer to achieving my dreams. I want to be voted number one so that I can use the magazine as a platform to begin my foundation for disabled young people and those affected by domestic violence,” she says.

Despina started modelling professionally a year ago when she was scouted by an agency in Sydney. Since then, she signed with numerous agency’s in Australia and has worked for a number of Australian and International brands including Exotica the Label (an up and coming French brand based in Paris). “I model bridal, fashion, editorial, e-commerce, swimwear, cosmetics, hair and have done a little bit of acting too. I love modelling and I take my work very seriously as I am passionate about it.”

The Greek Australian model grew up within the Greek community, attending her local Greek church and participating in the annual Greek Independence Day celebrations and numerous youth groups.  Despina’s yiayia who she is named after taught her grandchildren about Greek culture and told her it’s important to remember your roots and be proud. 

In December 2018, Despina also started her own YouTube channel as she feels it’s the perfect platform to share her knowledge gained from working with lots of people in the beauty industry and uses the platform to teach her followers tips and tricks for make-up and skincare. 

Last year in July, Despina also had the holiday of a lifetime as she took her first overseas trip to Greece. “As soon as I got off the plane at Athens airport, I noticed that the air was just completely different! It’s kind of like you can smell the Greek food and the lifestyle and it’s just so intoxicating! Having never been to Greece before I didn’t know what to expect. The highlight of my trip was walking up to the Acropolis and standing on top of the Greek capital and taking in the grand buildings and the surroundings. I felt as though I became one with my ancestors and it was the most incredible and empowering feeling. Visiting my hometown of Skopelos and meeting so many relatives for the first time was also incredible. Greece is a country but you just never forget.”

Despina’s goal is to start a foundation to “help people in need whether that be disabled people or people that have gone through really hard times such as domestic violence. I also want to use my knowledge in the beauty and cosmetic industry to make a difference and to make every woman feel beautiful! My goal is to become a successful model, travel the world and build connections that will eventually allow me to open up my foundation. I also want to teach disadvantaged girls how to do makeup around the world, especially in third world countries as I believe it can be quite empowering.”

In 5 years time, she wants to have completed her master’s degree in human rights, travel the world as a successful model and to begin the necessary steps to start her own foundation. She also sees herself married with at least 1 child, as family is something very important to her.

You can help Despina become number one, and achieve her goals, by voting here.