Armenians protest genocide outside Turkish embassy in Athens

w24 135430armenioi

w24 135430armenioi
Greece's Armenian community protested outside the Turkish embassy on Wednesday on the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

The protestors began their march from Syntagma Square and concluded at the Turkish embassy, where they presented a petition calling for the recognition by the Turkish state of the "genocide of 1,500,000 innocent Armenians in 1915 by the Turkish state" and the return of "illegally occupied historic Armenian territory to the Armenian people, their rightful owner." They also called for the return of land and church assets.

Messages of support were conveyed at the protest march by representatives of the youth parties of SYRIZA, New Democracy, Independent Greeks and the Movement for Change (KINAL) representative Pavlos Christidis.

Meanwhile in Thessaloniki a memorial prayer was held at the Orthodox Sanctuary of the Armenian Church of Virgin Mary in Thessaloniki on Wednesday, in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, under Archimandrite Stepanos Pasayian.

Vice-Governor of Thessaloniki Region, Voula Patoulidou pointed out the 104 years which have passed since April 24, 1915, the day considered the beginning of the Armenian Genocide, and she highlighted the symbolism of the historical events.

Patoulidou said that "although a long time has passed since then, no one has forgotten the facts, while others insist on silence on the events, or direct international attention elsewhere," and added that "the victims know all the particulars and how the extermination of the Armenians by the Young Turks movement was evilly designed to the last detail."