Man arrested for critically injuring 8-year-old girl after firing gun during Easter celebrations in Greece 

Screen Shot 2019 05 02 at 7.43.59 am

Screen Shot 2019 05 02 at 7.43.59 am

Greek police have arrested a man suspected of firing his gun in the air during Easter celebrations and accidentally shooting in the head an eight-year-old girl who was playing outside her home in the neighbouring village.

After hiding for 3 days, police said the 54-year-old now faces charges of causing grievous bodily harm and possessing an unregistered firearm.

The girl collapsed Sunday in her garden in Thespies, about 100 kilometers west of Athens, 500 meters from the village where the Easter party was being held.

A bullet was found lodged in her skull, and she remains in hospital in critical condition. Police said the bullet matched a handgun found hidden in the suspect's home.

While illegal, celebratory gunfire at weddings and religious festivals is still popular in Greece.

The 54-year-old’s attorney, Alexios Stefnakakis, said he is in a very bad psychological condition and is not worried about the court proceedings, he is just concerned about the child’s recovery.

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