Statue of Alexander the Great vandalized after 2 weeks of being placed in centre of Athens

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After only 2 weeks of being placed in the centre of Athens, the statue of Alexander the Great has been vandalised with graffiti, as unknown assailants painted slogans in red on the base of the statue.

Two weeks after the unveiling of the statue, which is placed at the corner of Vassilissis Olgas and Amalias streets, vandals managed to get away with spraying, "Megalekos was a murderer and now the pride of the petty bourgeoisie.”

The statue featuring Alexander the Great, was completed by acclaimed sculptor Yiannis Pappas in 1972, acquired by the Ministry of Culture in 1993 and then donated to the City of Athens.

The perpetrators wrote their slogans with a red marker on the special base that had been made to place the statue in the center of Athens.

The podium, on which the 3.5-meter statue was placed, was created by Pantelis Nikolakopoulos.

*Image source: Ekathimerini 

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