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Acrokorinthos ancient city of Greece

The most beautiful cities of Ancient Greece

In almost every Greek city you will find ancient monuments, sculptures or building remains that are evidence of the grand historical past of the country. Many of these monuments are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, not just because of their majestic architecture or their antiquity, but also because of their contribution to modern civilization, society, art and sciences.

Christopher Plummer

R.I.P Christopher Plummer: Oscar-winning star of ‘Alexander’ and ‘Sound of Music’ dies, age 91

Oscar-winning Christopher Plummer died peacefully at his Connecticut home yesterday, with his wife of 53 years Elaine Taylor by his side. Starring in films from 1958 and working right up until his passing, Plummer’s his many memorable roles included the wise Aristotle in Oliver Stone’s “Alexander” (2004) and Captain Georg von Trapp in the musical film “The Sound of Music” (1965).