Unveiling Alexandria's Secrets: New Alexander Statue Hints at Lost City Beneath

New Alexander the Great Statue; reveals ancient history of Alexandria, Egypt.

Alexandria, nestled along the Mediterranean's embrace, whispers tales of a glorious past. Founded by Alexander the Great himself in 331 BC, it stood as a beacon of Hellenistic civilization, thriving for nearly a millennium. But beneath the modern metropolis, secrets slumber.

And now, a remarkable discovery – a new statue of Alexander – has stirred an archaeologist's dream: unearthing the lost city beneath.

For nine months, shovels kissed the ancient soil of al-Shatby, a suburb that once brimmed with life between the 2nd and 4th centuries AD. And then, a gasp. A marble gaze met theirs – Alexander, immortalized in stone, rekindling the heated debates that still swirl around this iconic figure.

The new Alexander the Great statue, made of alabaster, unearthed at a large dig in Alexandria, Egypt. (Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

But the statue is just the first chapter. It whispers of buried tales, revealed alongside amulets for warriors, amphorae, and coins, each fragment a brushstroke painting a richer picture of Alexandria's past. These treasures are a testament to a thriving trade centre, its pulse beating for centuries.

Yet, Alexandria is a city cloaked in layers. A vengeful tsunami in 365 AD snatched swathes of its history, and the ever-rising sea has piled layer upon layer of sediment, burying the ancient metropolis under 10 meters of earth. It's a daunting puzzle, yet one brimming with promise.

For within these depths, countless stories wait. Imagine, perhaps, the majestic library, once the world's crown jewel, its papyrus scrolls holding knowledge long thought lost. Or maybe the bustling marketplace, alive with the clang of coins and the murmur of a thousand tongues.

Each unearthed artifact is a key, unlocking a new chamber in Alexandria's forgotten heart. The new Alexander statue is merely the beginning, a tantalizing glimpse into a lost world waiting to be reborn. So, let the echoes of the past guide us. Let the pickaxes sing and the shovels dance. A grand city sleeps beneath the sands of Alexandria, and with each discovery, it wakes from its slumber.

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