Greek Culture Minister Slams Netflix over Alexander The Great


Greece's Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, has sharply criticized the Netflix series "Alexander: The Making of a God," calling it "extremely low-quality fiction" riddled with factual inaccuracies.

Responding last week to a question from a parliament member, Mendoni acknowledged the series' artistic freedom but slammed its portrayal of Alexander the Great as lacking historical fidelity. She condemned the "directorial sloppiness" and "scenographic poverty" of the production, accusing it of resorting to "malicious commentary disguised as facts" for cheap thrills.

The Minister specifically addressed the depiction of Alexander's relationship with his confidante Hephaestion, which the series suggests was romantic. While acknowledging the complexities of love in ancient Greece, Mendoni insisted that historical sources offer no evidence of a romantic dimension exceeding close friendship. She emphasized the importance of interpreting historical figures like Alexander within their own context, avoiding the imposition of modern values and assumptions.

Mendoni concluded by asserting that Alexander's historical legacy stands firmly on its own merit, requiring no "unsolicited protectors" to defend his memory or moral character.

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