Netflix’s New Miniseries Explores Controversial Take on Alexander The Great's Love Life

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In a bold move by Netflix, the streaming giant has just released its much-anticipated miniseries documentary on the life of Alexander The Great.

However, the first scene of the show has sparked considerable controversy, as it portrays the legendary leader as gay.

Alexander The Great's a Scene

The opening scene depicts Alexander's deep emotional connection with his companion, Hephaestion, suggesting that their relationship was not only camaraderie but also deep love. In the narrative, Hephaestion is portrayed as a cherished companion and Alexander's greatest love.

Alexander: The Making of a God is the latest docuseries coming to Netflix. It explores the life of one of history's most well-known leaders - Alexander The Great.

Based on the contemporary accounts and archaeology excavations being carried out by Greek archaeologist Calliope Limneos-Papakosta, the six-part series includes expert academics alongside dramatic re-enactments of Alexander's life and most notable battles.

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