Ancient Greek State in India and the Indo-Greeks


The conquests of Alexander the Great and the Wars of his Successors opened Asia to Greek influence and culture, and the process of Hellenisation encompassed all regions from Egypt to China.

However, the easternmost state the Ancient Greeks created was the kingdom of Bactria, which gained independence from the Seleucid Empire.

This state became the shining beacon of the civilisation in the region and influenced it for centuries to come, most famously by creating a synthesis with one of the Buddhist sects - the Mahayana.

Bactria wasn't the only Greek state in the region, as Alexander the Great's successors also managed to create a kingdom in India under the Euthydemid dynasty.

Their centuries-long presence in the Indian subcontinent, and the cultural legacy they left behind leaves a fascinating story for history enthusiasts around the world to study for years to come

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