Mitsotakis visits the Alexander the Great exhibition at the Cycladic Museum exhibition


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Museum of Cycladic Art with his daughter Daphne on Tuesday to see the new exhibition on "Chaeronea, 2 August 338 BC: A day that changed the world".

The exhibit of antiquities from 27 museums in Greece and abroad focuses on the Battle of Chaeronea in Boeotia, Central Greece, and the emergence of a young Alexander the Great on the world scene.

Alexander the Great, as well as a vivid representation of the day that marked the transition from the classical to the Hellenistic period, is featured at the impressive exhibition “Chaeronea, August 2, 338 BC: A day that changed the world," which opened its doors on December 14, at the Museum of Cycladic Art, promising visitors an unprecedented experience.

Alexander the Great

As pointed out by its curators, Panagiotis P. Iosif and Ioannis D. Fappas, the scientific directors of the museum, the exhibition allows us to “touch” archaeologically, like never before, Alexander the Great, this emblematic figure of history about whom we have numerous written sources, but few archaeological finds related to his life.

This makes his legend even greater and, therefore, attracts worldwide interest throughout time.

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Reenactment of the battle with Playmobil

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“The exhibition, although it also talks about the battle itself, focuses mainly on its consequences. With this battle, Macedonia was established as a dominant power in Greek affairs, and the way was opened for the birth of the Hellenistic world. The democracy and the city-state passed into a new era, that of the kingdoms, which laid the foundations for creating a world that allowed Greek civilisation to reach the limits of the then-known world. Where unique riches, new knowledge and experiences will be offered to the Greeks and the other peoples who participated in the new reality born after Chaeronea’s victory,” notes the President and Managing Director of the Museum, Sandra Marinopoulou.

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