Two Iraqi men were arrested by police in Athens yesterday after robbing and stabbing a Periptero (kiosk) owner at Vasilis Amilias in the centre of the Greek capital and also attacked the police officers who arrested them.

The assailants entered the busy kiosk at Syntagma Square and stabbed the man with a knife before robbing him and running off.

They were later caught by police officers, however, the attackers resisted arrest and tried to escape, even pulling out a knife and screwdriver on police.

The men were taken to the police station and authorities are now investigating whether the two men have been involved in other similar attacks, or if they belong to a larger organised crime group.

*Video of the attack-

ΣΥΝΤΑΓΜΑ τώρα: Να χαίρονται την "δημοκρατία" τους ο Τσίπρας και ο Κούλης. ____________________________________________________________________________Αλλοδαποί κακοποιοί μαχαίρωσαν 2 άτομα για να τους κλέψουν στο πιο κεντρικό σημείο της Αθήνας.

Posted by Μαύρη Μάμπα on Monday, 10 June 2019