Tsipras is Greece's 'golden card': Dep. FM Terens Quick

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Deputy Foreign Minister Terens Quick has accepted candidacy as SYRIZA deputy ahead of the upcoming elections, justifying his decision in an interview with Athens-Macedonian News Agency's radio ‘Praktoreio FM’.

“My duty to Alexis Tsipras, who I consider the necessary Prime Minister fo Greece, made me change my mind...I supported Alexis Tsipras in difficult times, to avoid the collapse of his government, and I am one of those that have clearly stated that Tsipras' government should not fall because that will open the way to those that economically devastated Greece, to return,” Quick said.

He added that he believes "Alexis Tsipras, at this moment, is Greece's 'golden card' and the man who has won our partners' trust at all levels, and has significantly enhanced Greece's credibility after all those things he have achieved as Prime Minister."

In the interview, he also acknowledged "the contribution of (former Foreign Minister) Nikos Kotzias, who built the trilateral and quadrilateral cooperations with Egypt and Israel via Cyprus. As our partners admit, Greece's relations with the US and Russia are the best in decades."

When asked to comment about Kyriakos Mitsotakis statement that there was too much government drama over developments with Turkey and in the eastern Mediterranean, Quick replied that Mitsotakis "will understand and knows very well that there was no over-dramatisation on this issue" and asserted that the main opposition leader will support Greece and Cyprus' stance on Turkey during his meetings in Brussels today.