North Macedonia to remove the Star of Vergina from all public spaces

Sun of Vergina

Sun of Vergina

According to a news report from a Northern Macedonian newspaper Sloboden Pecat, the country’s government announced its intention to remove and ban the use of the Sun of Vergina, which was also depicted in the first flag of its independence, of the then former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Media outlets in opposition to Zaev’s government were critical of the move and condemned it as they did with the Prespes Agreement with Greece.

The North Macedonian government’s announcement however is in compliance with the Prespes Agreement signed with Greece which stipulated that it has no connection nor claim to Ancient Macedonia culture and its respective symbols.

“At its meeting on 4 July, the Government of Northern Macedonia obliges the General Secretariat to ask the competent authorities to provide information on the monuments, facilities of public and other infrastructure projects bearing the Vergina Sun, a symbol that is a symbol part of the ancient Macedonian civilisation and belongs to the Greek civilisation, as it is the owner of the copyright, while, literally, it is a work of art. This information should be provided within a deadline set by the government,” the paper writes.

The constitutional amendments to the name change of the state was passed on the 11th of January 2019 and came into force on the 12th of February 2019, and the deadline for the renaming of the monuments and the removal of the Vergina Sun expires on the 12th of August 2019.

*Source: eKathimerini