Hundreds of Greeks attend Memorial Service for the 102 Mati victims, one year after deadly wildfires

mati wildfires 2018

Mati Memorial service

One year has passed since the deadly wildfires that swept through the seaside town of Mati, which tragically claimed the lives of 102 people.

On July 21, 2019, hundreds of Greeks attended the memorial service held for the souls of the 102 victims, at the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, in Mati.

The wildfires that devastated the seaside town on July 23, 2018, left the entire Greek nation and the world in a state of shock.

Mati memorial service

Mati Memorial Service

Families of the victims and the survivors one year later have not forgotten the panic as the fire, fed by strong winds swept through their community, which claimed the lives of innocent people and left charred remains of homes and vehicles.

During the service, many residents and holidaymakers in the area, embraced each other and lit candles.

A prayer was also conducted at Argyra Akti, the beach where many perished to trying to escape the inferno a year earlier. White roses were also thrown into the sea.

Mati Memorial Service

Also attending the memorial service was Civil Protection Minister Michalis Chryssochoidis, who said he would work hard to ensure such a tragedy would not happen again.

Newly elected local governor Gorges Patoulis also reassured that “the Region of Attica will do its best to avoid such incidents in the future.”

A year later, devastation can still be seen as vegetationin and around Mati has still not grown and houses haven't been rebuilt where they once stood.

A touching video of the Mati and Kinetta fires has also emerged on the anniversary of the tragic events. Created by the Up Drones team, the short clip titled “July 23, 2018: The Black Day of Greece” depicts the two seaside towns the way they were before and the day after the inferno.

The video commemorates the disaster in the hope that such destruction will not happen again.

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*Image sources- Xinhua and The Times