Parishioners witness weeping icon of Panagia in Chicago Church

Screen Shot 2019 09 12 at 1.44.09 pm

Screen Shot 2019 09 12 at 1.44.09 pm

Parishioners at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago, which is currently up for sale, witnessed a “weeping” icon of the Virgin Mary, which they believe is a sign from God.

Locals have been guarding the Virgin Mary icon since the miracle was discovered and say they’re preparing to fight to keep it there, even though the church is bankrupt and a judge approved the $2.5 million sale of Holy Trinity on Wednesday to the Universal Church.

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Parishioners told local media that this miracle has been a source of financial hope, in the midst of the bankruptcy sale.

Visitors have been flocking to the Church to see the icon, as well as to make a donation in the hope of raising enough money to keep the church open.

Holy Trinity said a custodian discovered the icon of Panagia weeping on Sunday with the local priest Nicholas Jonas telling media he was in disbelief when he saw tears streaming down the face of Panagia.

“It’s common throughout the Orthodox church to see phenomena like that but to have it personally was very overwhelming,” Jonas said.

The Metropolis of Chicago will take the icon and have it examined, announcing “After a period of prayer and examination, the Metropolis of Chicago will return the icon to the Holy Trinity parish and will issue an official statement on the nature of what was observed.”

According to reports, the Holy Trinity Church, which is the second oldest Greek Orthodox Church in the US, is in close to $8 million in debt and is hoping to raise more money on GoFundMe.