130 illegal migrants evicted by Greek police from building in Exarchia

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*Image by Eurokinissi

Continuing their series of raids on illegal migrants living in Athens, Greek police on Monday emptied out a building that was housing around 130 illegal migrants for 5 years, with authorities closing off Oktavious Merlie Street and Prassa Street in downtown Exarchia, for police to conduct the operation.

More than 130 foreigners were residing in the building since 2014 and authorities were seen escorting many families away, including young children, who resided in the facility that was formerly a school.

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*Image by Eurokinissi

According to reports on SKAI television, the building was divided into rooms, with the migrants sectioning it off using bedsheets and curtains. Authorities also found chickens inside the rooms, which were laying eggs to feed the migrants.

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The building, which is located near the French Embassy in Kolonaki, is part of the rough area which Greece’s New Democracy government recently announced would be cleaned out and given a makeover.

Last Thursday Greek police removed over 230 illegal migrants, including dozens of children, from two other squats located in the Greek capital.

Police remove over 230 illegal migrants from Athens squats (VIDEO)