Protesting migrants leave Moria camp to head to Mytilene

Protesting Lesvos Migrants

Protesting Lesvos Migrants

Police on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, clashed with some 2,000 migrants and refugees who were participating in a protest rally from Moria camp to the capital of Mytilene on Monday.

The migrants who were of Afghan origin were carrying out the protest march to demand better living conditions and the acceleration of asylum procedures. Written on cardboards and banners, was their slogan 'Azadi-Azadi' which translates to 'freedom', as they were also protesting their many months in 'prison'.

According to sources, there was a strong police force in the area, monitoring the demonstration.

Lesvos local media reported that police used tear gas and flash grenades to disperse groups of protesters trying to break through a road block, which had been set up on the main road leading from Moria to Mytilene.

The migrants also set fires to areas close to the Public Power Corporation (PPC) power plant, while others set up tents on the harbour's waterfront.