Electric cars at the heart of Karditsa’s environmental drive

Electric cars Karditsa

Electric cars Karditsa

The first electric car recharging station was installed in the municipality of Karditsa, Central Greece.

The announcement was made on Thursday by Regional Governor of Thessaly Costas Agorastos, who said that "the region of Thessaly in among the first regions that took steps toward electromobility."

On his part, the mayor of Karditsa, Vassilios Tsakos, said that "we are turning the need for sustainable, urban and interurban mobility into reality, the need for environmental protection and the promotion of smart and operational solutions in a world that is changing rapidly."

The recharging station allows the simultaneous recharging of up to two cars and for this reason the municipality has reserved two parking spaces for its use. The owners of electric vehicles should have their own EV public charging cable. The cost of the public charging station is covered by the Green Fund.