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Greece to lift restrictions in May and June

Greece’s Civil Protection Deputy Minister for Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias in his televised briefing on Thursday announced the gradual lifting of restrictions from May. Hardalias clarified that although the restriction measures to…


Curfew violations continue to rise in Greece

Greek authorities reported 1,916 violations of the curfew restrictions on Wednesday, imposed to stop the spread of coronavirus throughout Greece. The majority were recorded in the region of Attica (824), on the…

Electric cars Karditsa

Electric cars at the heart of Karditsa’s environmental drive

The first electric car recharging station was installed in the municipality of Karditsa, Central Greece. The announcement was made on Thursday by Regional Governor of Thessaly Costas Agorastos, who said that “the…

Metsovo receives first enchanting snow for the season (VIDEO) 3

Metsovo receives first enchanting snow for the season (VIDEO)

As temperatures continue to slowly plummet across Greece and heavy storms hit regions across Greece this week, Metsovo received its first snowfall for the 2019 season, bringing with it a real taste of…

Hellenic Statistical Authority

Greek unemployment continues to drop

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (HSA) on Thursday announced that Greek unemployment rate fell to 16.7% of the workforce in August this year, down from 18.9% in August 2018 and 16.9% in July…

Greek jobless rate drops 8

Greek jobless rate drops

The Hellenic Statistical Authority released new unemployment figures on Thursday, showing the Greek unemployment rate fell to 16.9% of the workforce in the second quarter of 2019, from 19.2% in the first…

Snow will continue to fall all across Greece 12

Snow will continue to fall all across Greece

A new weather system called “Telemachos” is forecast to hit Greece starting today, Monday, January 7. According to the latest forecast by the National Observatory of Athens’ Meteo service, as opposed to…

Greece set to receive its first snow of the season 22

Greece set to receive its first snow of the season

The cold weather is set to kick in across Greece today and the first lot of snow is expected around the country this Friday, 16th of November. According to meteorologists, rainfall will be…


Visiting Greece’s Magical Meteora

Spiritual, magical, mystical, extraordinary, breathtaking, peaceful. These are only some of the words people use to describe beautiful Meteora. A visit to Meteora offers the unique experience of nature’s grandeur in conjunction with…