Greek Government Commits to Full Coverage of Livestock Capital Replacement with EU Funds

Cows By The Road In Syrrako Village Epirus Greece cattle grazing

To strengthen Thessaly's primary sector, Lefteris Avgenakis, the Greek Minister of Rural Development and Food, has unveiled a comprehensive support package. The government's plan includes providing full 100% coverage for the replacement of livestock capital and utilizing EU funds without imposing any financial burden on the affected individuals.

These measures are part of a broader initiative to support Thessaly's primary sector. Support will take various forms, such as compensation for crop losses and upfront payments for cotton and corn farmers. Tomato producers will also receive financial assistance to address recent challenges. Furthermore, the package encompasses tax relief for farmers and livestock breeders, with additional funding allocated to purchase livestock and construct new facilities.

The Minister stressed the importance of simplifying the establishment and operation of livestock parks to enhance production and ensure economic sustainability for breeders. He emphasized the need for a swift and efficient process to handle the numerous damage claims submitted by livestock breeders.

As part of this initiative, the government is preparing to introduce various financial measures and legislative actions to assist livestock breeders in overcoming the crisis. However, specific details of these measures have not yet been provided. Industry stakeholders are eagerly awaiting further announcements.


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